The PHP development team announced that has pushed the release of PHP 5.3 a few more days, now to be released on Tuesday June 30th. Although by the version number it does not *seem* to be a major release, it is. PHP 5.3 packs a good number of new features, some that have been in development for years. Like in any new major release, backwards compatibility is a concern, specially when having new features, reserved words, etc.

Due to this, we are not going to be upgrading our current shared hosting servers, as this could possibly break our existing customers websites and applications. If you are a current customer and want to migrate to PHP 5.3, please submit a ticket so we can work with you.

We will be setting up a new PHP 5.3 server as soon as we have some time to run some tests and make sure everything will run according to plan. If you are looking for a PHP 5.3 VPS (Virtual Private Server), we will have a PHP 5.3 image ready on day one when it gets released. The same applies for dedicated servers. We are committed to support PHP as it grows and we know how important is to provide quality and updated technologies.