Recently, I was starting a new symfony project and after creating the db schema, I run the usual command:

symfony propel-build-model

The output was somewhat different from the normal result:

>> schema    converting "/Users/pgodel/com/s...ntact/config/schema.yml" to XML
>> schema    putting /Users/pgodel/com/sites...act/config/generated-schema.xml
>> propel    Running "om" phing task
Bus error

This was weird and unexpected. I run this command all the time and never had any issues. After the mandatory google search I found:

  • someone suggesting that the problem was due to a timestamp field with a default CURRENT_TIMESTAMP. This was not my case.
  • a few poeple having a similar issue while using Mac OSX, which I was. Their discussion pointed to XML and XSLT libraries version conflicts. I tried their suggestion but the new ‘Bus error’ friend was still showing up.

Then I kept thinking why this would be happening now, what was different in my setup, and the only big difference I could think of was that I was using Zend Server CE, and the PHP installation that came with it. I noticed that the XSLT library included was different from my system’s version.

I decided to download the latest version of Zend Server CE and luckly that fixed the problem.