The PHP community is live, more than ever before. This past week we were present at Zendcon 09, one of the main PHP conferences of the year. Despite the world economic woes, the conference was packed with people from all continents. We had the chance to meet and speak with top PHP developers in the world. We also encountered many people that know us and our efforts to help the PHP community, this was very satisfying because it reinforces our notion that we are in the right track (our marketing strategy is simple: less banner ads & more support for the community).

This year’s Zendcon had an immediate effect: Shortly after it finished, there was an announcement that the main CakePHP developers are splitting and starting a new framework called Lithium. Later, as a result of the Framework shootout and feedback from the San Francisco Symfony Meetup, Fabien Potencier announced that Symfony 2.0 will be using PHP 5.3 features, just as Zend Framework 2 will, breaking compatibility with PHP 5.2 installations. We support this decision because we know it is important to support the PHP community and embrace its new features. As you may know, we already offer PHP 5.3 in virtual servers (VPS) and plan to add shared hosting servers with PHP 5.3 only.

The San Francisco Symfony Meetup coincided with Zendcon, so we could not miss the opportunity to assist and meet more Symfony users. We thank Dogster for being such a great host, it was great to meet the Symfony community in the Bay area and look forward to do things together.

If you did not attend Zendcon and are in Europe, don’t miss PHP Barcelona coming up later this week.

And finally, on November 14th, the Symfony BugHuntDay will take place. People can also participate remotely, so it is important if you can get involved.