As some of you might have already noticed we updated our website last Friday. We hope you like the new design, while content heavy, it also contains a lot more information. We also streamlined our shared hosting product lines, more resources and more hosted sites. It continues to be a great product for a fair price with the support you have come to expect from us. Those of you who are already clients and wish to switch to a new product may do so at any time in our client area.

We also narrowed our service offerings to what we do best, which is PHP, Zend framework and symfony framework support. We have decided not to jump on the Django/Rails bandwagon and focus on the community and technologies love to work with. Supporting a framework we don’t believe in, or don’t like to work with is a true pain in the neck, and we don’t want to do it if we are not able to offer top-notch support for it. We believe that if we focus on what we do best and do it better than anyone else we will be a better hosting company.

As always, we are listening, honest feedback is always welcome.