SFTP stands for SSH File Transfer Protocol and it uses the SSH protocol to reliably and securely transfer files. While using sftp on Dreamweaver is not too complicated, setting it up to use a specific port is not well documented. SFTP uses the same port as SSH, the default port is 22 but it is not uncommon that you will be assigned a custom port as this is a standard practice to avoid brute force SSH scanning.

Setting up SFTP on Dreamweaver

Open up the sites manager and choose to setup a new site.

sftp dreamweaver 1

Proceed to setup the site as you normally would any other site on Dreamweaver. Once you get to the “remote setup” you will need to define the port number. The default port for sftp in Dreamweaver is port 22. If you select you want to use sftp and do not define the port number, Dreamweaver will automatically try to use port 22. To use an alternate port you must define it in the FTP Host field like this ” hostname:portnumber “. So if I want to access files on example.com using port 21324 I would put in the FTP host field example.com:21324

Setting up sftp using dreamweaver

Once you are done, click on test connection to verify if everything is working correctly.