Wow! What a day. Today was the first day of talks for Symfony Live, the first international Symfony conference. Even the organizers were surprised by the turnout, as many people signed up at the last moment, pushing the assistance over 300 people (unofficially). The place was packed and more chairs had to be added to sit everybody.

The day started with an introduction to internationalization support in Symfony by Thomas Rabaix. He was a bit nervous as he was the first speaker of the day, but the content was very good and in the end it was an excellent talk. “Working with the admin generator” by John Cleveley was very well presented including lots of great tips on extending the admin generator and it even included some funny British humor.

After lunch, Dennis Benkert (organizer of Symfony Day in Cologne, Germany) presented a very good introduction to Doctrine migrations, which turned out to be a good appetizer for the main plate, Jonathan Wage‘s “Doctrine 2: Not the Same Old PHP ORM”. The title of the talk says it all! Doctrine 2.0 is a full rewrite with new code, new concepts with major performance improvements. We can’t wait to start our next new project so we can use it. Then Stefan Koopmanschap followed with an extensive overview on how you can get help and give back to the community. He listed different resources (mailing lists, forums, symfony website and IRC channels) and encouraged people to organize events and participate in them. The day closed with the whole symfony core team on stage answering all sort of questions by the audience. One interesting topic that we are following closely was brought up by Lukas Smith when he asked the community to step up in producing top-notch web applications with this quality framework. And Fabien was trying hard not to spill the beans about Symfony2 but the crowd was really pulling any kind of tricks to get more details about it.

During the breaks and lunch, we had the opportunity to meet many more symfony developers and clients. If you have not introduced yourself, don’t miss the chance, we may even have some t-shirts left to give out; they are going fast.

Tomorrow is the last day and we can’t wait. Many more exciting talks precede the big announcement: Symfony2, Don’t miss it!