We are sponsoring a mouthful of an event in São Paulo this Saturday; the PHPSPTestFest is a cool one-day event spearheaded by Rafael Dohms.

PHPSPTestFest is an annual event promoted by PHPSP in conjunction with the PHP TestFest Quality Assurance Team. For a few months a year, the PHP team encourages events like these to help write scripts to test the PHP code; a collective effort to improve the quality of the PHP language. At this event, which is organized by PHPSP, the participants will be able to attend an intensive PHP testing workshop and with a lab session writing code alongside some of the best coaches in town who will be there to help.

Needless to say events like this are the heart of the PHP community and we want to support and encourage people to attend these events in any way we can. We salute PHPSP for their initiative! More information at http://phpsp.org.br/2010/05/phpsptestfest-2010-preparativos/