New versions of symfony framework have been released today. The 1.3.5 and 1.4.5 releases include a security vulnerability patch, updated dependencies of Propel and Lime, and a few bug fixes. Check out the blog post announcing the release for more details. We recommend all our customers (and non-customers as well) to update their projects with the latest releases.

Since we are talking about symfony, it is worthy to mention the announcement of a Symfony Live Online Conference which will cover updates on Symfony 2. The ticket to join the conference is only 20 euro (early bird pricing) or 30 euro, so there is no excuse to be part of this if symfony is your thing.

And one last note, as always, all these new versions are already available on all our servers. If you are a VPS customer, make sure to update your local library to get the latest and greatest. And happy symfony coding!