We have some amazing news to share with our current and future customers as we continue to grow!

We just signed our agreement and will be moving our servers to Terremark’s NAP of the Americas in September; storing your data in one of the top datacenters in the country and the world. You will be in good company, it’s the same datacenter used by the US Govt’ and many of the major banks and telco companies.

NAP of the AmericasThe datacenter is designed to withstand and continue normal operation even if a category 5 hurricane (the strongest of hurricanes) hits the area.  It offers unrivaled n+2 redundant power and cooling. Apart from the military grade security and impressive power redundancy, the NAP of the Americas has direct backbone access as it sits on one of the most important network access points in the planet offering a direct connection to over 148 countries in the world. Miami has been ranked as one of the top-five best interconnected cities in the world, ahead of San Francisco, Chicago and Washington, D.C. Terremark’s NAP of the Americas makes Miami the only city in the U.S. where Optical, Ethernet, MPLS, Voice and Internet traffic is handed off in a single location, and we are on it!

So seriously, apart from these awesome reasons, why are we switching?

First of all, our current datacenter offers only a single carrier. They are awesome and have been good to us, but as a rule of thumb we like to build in redundancy into our systems. When we switch to Terremark we will have three network providers: AT&T, Verizon Business and Level3. Needless to say, three is better than one and we know that we will not loose connectivity. In addition, we will be sitting directly on top of their network access point with direct backbone access; minimizing the hops your data packets have to take. In sum, we will be providing some of the best kick-ass connectivity out there.

Will our current clients move too?

Absolutely! Between September and November we will be moving all our clients to our new Datacenter and in the process we will be upgrading some of our hardware. We don’t expect any downtime and all our clients will get an email informing them of the migration process when the time comes.

If you want to learn more about Terremark and the NAP of the Americas, feel free to visit their website at: http://www.terremark.com/technology-platform/nap-of-the-americas.aspx