Quality assurance (QA) is one of the most difficult things to implement around software development. Most of time it is left for the final phase of development and very often overlooked entirely. As many experienced web development teams already know, QA needs to be part of the development process from the get-go. Fortunately in the PHP world the number and caliber of solutions to test applications has increased dramatically. I would say that PHP is one of the top languages with support for testing, thanks mostly to PHPUnit and a bunch of other available options.

Behavior development/testing is just one aspect of quality assurance. This week, sfBehatPlugin has been released by Konstantin Kudryashov (aka everzet). sfBehatPlugin is a new plugin for symfony which provides behavior development style around the recently released Behat project. For those of you that don’t know what behavior driven development is, it’s an agile software development technique that encourages collaboration between developers and their QA teams. If you are interested in this type of stuff you can read more about it here (Wikipedia short version) and here (BddWiki long version).


Installation is pretty straightforward and the project’s website contains lots of documentations and examples. We think this is a worth plugin to check out and we encourage you to check it out. If you already use it or use behavior driven development in your workflow, we would like to hear your thought about this plugin.

* There is already an extension for Symfony2: https://github.com/Behat/Symfony2Extension