Last week we attended the San Francisco Symfony Meetup as we were attending ZendCon 2010 in Santa Clara. This was the second year in a row we attended the meetup. Fabien Potencier talked about Symfony 2, HTTP caching and ESI, an edge-side caching technology that is supported by Symfony 2 out of the box. You can find the slides about the topic which he also presented at ZendCon.

We had the pleasure to share the event with Symfony core devs Jonathan Wage, Kris Wallsmith, Dustin Whittle along many more top-notch Symfony developers. Several interesting discussions included topics like:

  • default templates: Fabien offered his insight regarding templating, then most devs picked Twig as their preferred choice
  • default configuration format: The consensus seemed to point that yml is the preferred format for application configuration and routing, while XML is better for DIC configuration

It was a blast to participate and look forward for next year already. If you attended we would love to hear your feedback.