We just released our new VPS control panel to a select group of clients. The new control panel adds an easy to use GUI to many of the more painful commands in a VPS merging the ease of shared hosting with the power and flexibility of a virtual server. We have been working on this for quite some time and it’s really an advanced piece of technology. Here are some of the features it has:

– install/uninstall server applications
– manage applications
– manage deployment
– Developer API
– manage system users
– manage DNS
– automatically configure Apache vhosts file
– resource consumption graphs
– live system logs
– edit config files
– restart services
– reboot system
– diagnostics
– terminal
– Domain management
– and more

We are adding some screenshots to grease the gears here:

The live dashboard gives you a detailed view of all the system resources at a glance.

Adding a system user is a simple as clicking a button and filling out a form

The control panel comes with a full app installer and manager.

Most applications have a custom gui allowing you access to the configurations files and logs. Many applications have easy to use wizards to help setting things up.

Background information:

The control panel was custom built from ground up tying into our VPS administration console. The system has a powerful REST-based API and was built using Symfony 2.0, Doctrine 2 and MongoDB. We will soon be releasing a set of command line tools, symfony plugin and Symfony 2 bundle allowing your application to interact directly with the server. Hopefully this powerful new tool will allow you to build applications in an entirely new way.

How do I get access?

If you are an existing customer you can open a support ticket and instructions will be mailed to you on how to switch. If you are not a customer, we have a 15% off deal for new signups. Us the promotion code “bigvps” when signing up.