Symfony Live is a great event and we are happy to sponsor it the third time around. Since it started in 2009 it seems to be more of an annual gathering of who is who in the symfony world rather than your run-of-the-mill conference. Don’t get me wrong, one glace at the schedule and speaker lineup and you will see it’s a quality conference (then again we would not sponsor it if it wasn’t). I guess what we are trying to say is that the social aspect of this conference is as important as the educational one, or simply put: it’s a lot of fun.

This year the conference is happening both in Paris and in San Francisco. We are especially excited about the San Francisco conference as we hope it will bring more exposure to Symfony in the US. Symfony adoption in the US seems to be slower than in Europe and we are hoping to see more of these conferences and meetups coming around our neck of the woods to help Symfony gain more traction.

When we make a conference announcement we usually try to single out the “must-see” talk for the conference, but this conference is a tough one; not only are almost all these talks great, but many of the speakers are our clients and friends soooo….. there seems to be a conflict of interest here, we are going to weasel out on this one.

Be sure to go to this conference if you can. We will be there, stop by and say hello, ask for a t-shirt. If you have read this far know that we will also be giving away 2 free tickets to the first two clients who open a ticket asking for them. Please specify which conference you want to go to, one ticket per person and you need to have been a client for over a week.