bbPress is a forum software developed by the same folks who created WordPress. It’s a lightweight bulletin board system that seems to be gaining traction lately. bbPress runs really well on our shared hosting plans so we decided to put together a quick tutorial on how to install bbpress on our systems.

bbPress installation is fairly simple.

Step 1: Download bbpress

You can download bbPress directly from the bbPress site.

Step 2: Upload bbPress

Once you download the .zip file, uncompress it and upload the entire bbpress directory where you want your installation to be. If you want the forums to be installed under a different name you can rename the bbpress directory to something different (for example: forums).

Step 3: The installer

Once you finished uploading the files, open your browser and point it to the URL where your bbPress install should be. If all is right you should see the following:

Click on “Go to Step 1” to setup the database information.

Step 4: Setting up the database

Before you proceed you will need to setup the database in our Plesk control panel. This is fairly simple, first, login to our control panel and follow these steps:

1) Click on the domain you want the database to be setup under.
2) Look for the “Databases” icon and click on it.
3) Click on “Add new database” and create your database. Write down the database name.
4) Click on “Add new database user” and create a user. Write down the username and password.

Return to the bbPress installation page and fill in the database information in step 2 of the bbPress installation process.

If all goes well you should see the following message:

Final steps

The final steps of the BBPress installation are fairly simple. They deal with WordPress integration and the general forum settings. They should be fairly self explanatory.