We have talked quite a bit about Symfony2 earlier in this blog, and like everyone else we are really excited about it. It is a complete rewrite of the framework taking advantage of many of the newest features of PHP 5.3, and let me tell you, it is quite amazing.

We have been using Symfony2 quite a bit at ServerGrove, being one of the first to release a product based on it back in November, we have been constantly keeping up with each release of the framework. Our control panel for VPS runs entirely on Symfony2 and we have been extremely happy with it. We knew we wanted to use it for our control panel from the moment it was announced.

About a year ago, in the Symfony Live 2010 edition in Paris, Fabien Potencier unveiled the first release of the framework “2.0”. The keynote was exciting and inspiring. The announcement came with a cool feature, making it the first framework to sport its own HTTP cache.  Since then, he has been adding even more amazing features in subsequent Preview Releases, like Twig templates, security, testing and debugging tools, among others that are yet to come, like the assets manager Assetic. But with the imminent release of the first stable version, all of these would have been impossible without the help of tens and maybe hundreds of contributors from across the globe, so if you are, or will be a Symfony user, say Thanks!

The Symfony community is strong and growing, there is no doubt. Just today it was announced that the drive to collect funds to perform security audits of Symfony, Twig and Doctrine 2 has successfully reached its goal of several thousand Euro in a very short amount of time! This is impressive and the importance of the audits is huge. Prospect companies looking for the next framework will find a very solid, flexible, secure, future rich and fast option in Symfony, very hard to beat.

Next week, the first Symfony conference in the US will take place, followed by its French bigger sister in March, confirming that Symfony2 already rocks! If you don’t believe us, see it for yourself in San Francisco or Paris, it’s not too late. We will be there, so stop by and say “Hi” and make sure to ask for a t-shirt.

Finally, if you are thinking on developing your next site or application with Symfony2, make sure to check out our PHP 5.3 VPS and shared hosting options, they are already Symfony2 ready!