About a year ago, at the Symfony Live 2010 conference, we announced we were going to open source our livechat application that we use in our website to provide customer technical and sales support to website visitors. The application also allows us to view real-time traffic on our website. We received a lot of interest for it.

After the initial announcement we went back and tried to remove all the ServerGrove specific code which proved quite difficult to do. At the same time, Symfony2 was made public and Doctrine ODM for MongoDB appeared in the wild. It became quite apparent that this application was a perfect example for a Symfony2 / MongoDB use case, and that’s what we decided to do.

And so today we announce the availability of this application for anyone that wants to try it, use it and we also welcome anyone with interest in providing patches, new features and documentation to work on it.

Currently, the application is available as a Symfony2 PR6 sandbox with the SGLiveChatBundle but as soon as Symfony2 RC1 is released, we will create an independent bundle so anyone with an existing Symfony2 application can add livechat functionality by simply adding the bundle.

To try out the livechat application simply follow these steps:

  • make sure you have an environment that can run Symfony2 and Doctrine ODM, this means PHP 5.3.2, mongo extension and MongoDB server
  • download or clone the  ServerGroveLivechat github repository.
  • follow the instructions in the README file

We believe this is a great showcase of a simple Symfony2 application and can be used to study and understand how Symfony2 works, so we encourage everyone to download and try it out. We would like to note that this is beta software, it may contain bugs and since it is based on a preview release of Symfony2, things may still change, but we wanted to release early and often so we give people a chance to play with it and contribute.

We want to thank Ismael Ambrosi who worked hard in the conversion of the application to Symfony2.