Recently I spoke with a few clients who had no idea we had an affiliates program so I decided to write something about it. We have many clients who refer new clients to us because they like our service, which is nice, but I urge everyone to sign up for our affiliates program and get something in return, which is even nicer. It’s a great way to reduce your hosting costs or make some extras money. We pay $25 for every referral you send us except for Mini accounts as those are a deal as is.

How it works:

  1. As a ServerGrove client you are automatically elegible to be an affiliate. Just log into the the client area, click on the affiliates link on the top menu to activate yourself as an affiliate.
  2. Once you are an active affiliate you will be given a link like this one ( ) that you can send to people you may know who are looking for hosting. You may also add a logo from our media page on your site and link to us.
  3. If you don’t want to show the person you are sending the link to the “aff=001” in order to hide the fact this is a referral link, just use
  4. Once a person clicks on your affiliates link we will set a cookie on that user and they will be tagged as your referral. They need to remain a client for three months for you to get your referral.
  5. You will get a dashboard like this one that will keep you in the loop of your progress:
  6. Cashing in is easy, just click on the “request withdrawal” button and let us know if you want to get paid in check, Paypal or credit. Sorry, no cash :)