Big news! We just released the next batch of features into our control panel. We feel it’s an exciting release packed full of useful stuff. We wanted to take a minute to thank all our clients who submitted some great ideas to improve our Control Panel, keep them coming!

1) Monitoring! This feature will warn you when your server reaches critical limits. It’s fairly basic right now and just sends alerts when your servers are in the danger zone, but we are waiting to see how people use it before we move on to add more functionality. We would also like to hear from clients: what additional features would you like to see in the monitoring sections?

Alerts are not enabled for existing users but new clients will have a basic alert enabled. To enable/disable email alerts, login to the Control Panel, go to monitoring, then select “configure your monitors”. You will be able to set the type of alert, frequency, email address and server. You can set multiple alerts so you can send alerts for different servers to different people.

2) Shortcuts. We had several requests to create a shortcuts menu to perform common tasks like rebooting Apache and MySQL from any page. It’s there.

Now from any page you can restart Apache or MySQL, so you don’t have to jump around from page to page when you make a configuration change to php.ini and need to restart Apache. You can also have a quick info on memory and disk usage from any page in the Control Panel.

3) Enable/Disable services when adding a new domain. Now you can enable or disable Web or DNS services if will be using these, or not.

When adding a new domain, our Control Panel can setup a virtual host configuration in your Apache server, or add a DNS zone to our name servers, if you don’t plan on using ours, then we recommend that you do not enable “DNS service”, now you can do this right away when adding the domain!

4) And a several small UI fixes here and there. Too many to list, but there was a nice cleanup on the entire UI.

As we mentioned before, many of these changes were community driven. Please keep sending feedback on features you would like to see in the control panel and things we should improve on.

In the next week or so we will be bringing in email into the control panel allowing you to manage email accounts for your domains. Emails will remain hosted on a separate server so you don’t tax your VPS resources or have to muddle with things like Spamassasin.