We just added email support to the VPS control panel. Now you can administer your email accounts directly from the domains section. The email service does not eat up any of your VPS resources as it runs separately on ServerGrove’s email servers and is included with your VPS. Here are some screens of the new section:

Above is the email user profile page. Here the user can enable/disable email accounts, configure the autoresponder, add aliases, redirects and of course, change the password.


We did a lot of work on the charts and now they update realtime. It’s somewhat mesmerizing to see all the charts move as they respond to the server. Right now disk space, email disk space, memory, average CPU load, and current CPU load are plugged into the server and giving almost real time visual feedback. Here is a screen:


New network tab

We started adding more information to the network section of the control panel. Apart from a nice breakdown of your monthly bandwidth consumption (including an estimate for the total for the current month) we included a new cheatsheet with all your remove access info.

Private Network

If you look at the above screenshot, you will notice that you can request a private IP address for your server. If you have multiple servers, now you can use the private network to communicate between them. The data transfer in the private network is not measured and it does not count towards your monthly bandwidth consumption.

Update your hostname

You can now easily update your server hostname from the Dashboard page.

Domain interface updates

Now, you can jump from one domain to another easily with the help of the domains dropdown.

We have included the status of each service in the domains list, so you can quickly identify which domain has web, dns or email services enabled or disabled.


That’s it for now.