We just have added two new important features to the VPS Control Panel:

We supercharged Top

When logging to the Control Panel and select your server, there’s a new Top tab with a web-based version of the unix command Top. You can view the information as a visual graph or as a sortable table. The information is updated real-time. The graph displays the processes running in your server grouped by process name. The areas’ size represents the memory and the color represents the CPU utilization, giving you a vivid perspective of your server. Here are some screens, but you have to log in to the control panel to see this thing in action. It’s hypnotizing!

Preview URLs

Now when you add a domain to your server and enable Web Hosting through the Control Panel, we create a special URL attached to the domain so you can preview the site in the server before you redirect or point the domain to the VPS. This feature is commonly available on shared hosting servers but not on VPS, so we believe our VPS customers will really enjoy it.

Preview URLs can be enabled/disabled individually after the domain has been added.  If you already have a VPS and have existing domains in the VPS, you must enable the preview URL before using it.

As always, feedback is welcome.