October is a pretty big month for PHP conferences, here is a list of upcoming events that are worthy of your attention:

  • PHPNW11 – October 8 & 9 – Manchester, UK
    This is the fourth edition of this conference and if you are in the UK, it is a must go. It includes talks from Scott MacVicar of Facebook, Derick Rethans and Stefan Skoopmanschap, among many others. Interesting talks include Scaling your development team, Acceptance and integration testing using Behat, and Varnish your PHP application. Check out the full schedule for more info.
  • ZendCon 2011 – October 17-21 – Santa Clara, California
     There are two big PHP conferences every year in the US and this is one of them. The event is packed with two and half days of sessions. Last year “The Cloud” was a common topic, this year it seems it is even more relevant with several talks around it.
  • SymfonyDay11 – October 21 – Cologne, Germany
     The traditional gathering of Symfony developers takes place again in Germany. This year’s lineup of speakers brings some new faces to the microphone. Lots of Symfony2 talks for you to catch up with the new edition of this great framework.
  • PHP Barcelona 2011 – October 28 & 29 – Barcelona, Spain
    PHP Barcelona is the biggest PHP conference, not only in Spain but all across the spanish speaking world. This year will feature talks from Rasmus Lerdorf, Derick Rethans, Fabien Potencier, Marco Tabini and many others, including me. Yes, I am very happy to return to Spain to talk about developing mobile applications with Symfony2, an updated version of the talk I gave in Desymfony.
  • Symfony Camp UA 2011  -October 29 – Kiev, Ukraine
     The conference  will focus on Symfony 2. The Conference will be held in Kiev, tentatively on October 29th in Kiev. 

We will be present at ZendCon and PHP Barcelona, so please stop by and say Hi!.