A couple of weeks ago we found out about Travis CI, a project to create a distributed build system for the open source community. The goal is to provide open source projects and developers with a pre-installed server where the developer only has to create a simple configuration file in their project in order run run tests against their code, and then the rest is taken care of. You can get support quickly at #travis IRC channel on Freenode which is very active and friendly.

The project started strong in the Ruby/Rails world, but soon enough PHP projects like Symfony, Doctrine, Twig, Silex were already being tested with Travis.

PHP projects can be tested with different versions of PHP and multiple extensions without having to worry about all the complexities of multi-version installations.

Since we think the project is really cool and we know this will change the world of open source, we did not hesitate to offer a dedicated server to run tests for PHP projects. As many of you already know, we love to support open source projects and this is no exception.

So go ahead and add your open source PHP project to Travis CI and increase your code quality with unit tests and change the world.

Here are some useful links we found to help you get started:

Travis CI documentation for PHP projects

Nice Blog post on Test.ical.ly