We have been working a lot with Symfony2 translations lately (we translated our website to Spanish and we are in the process of translating our control panel too). Dealing with multiple translation files is not difficult, but it takes time, lots of copy & paste. We have found that is quite easy to make mistakes, create duplicate lines, etc… in short, it’s messy.

To tame the translation chaos we decided to create a simple web based editor to deal with Symfony2 translations. The result is the TranslationEditorBundle and it’s publicly available for anyone to use and contribute to.

To install it, follow the few quick steps listed in the README file.

Import your translations with the CLI command. Then fire up your browser and go to http://your-project.url/translations/editor and you will see the list of all your strings. Click on any of the language texts and edit right away. When you are done simple export the translations back to the files in your project.

The editor is quite simple and we hope to add more features as we need them. We also hope you find it useful and contribute any missing functionality that you may need.