The 2012 PHP conference calendar has already started with 3 good conferences, to kick-off 2012 we had PHPBenelux in January which we assisted and were blown away by the amazing work of the whole organizing crew. They even produced a very nice video to top it off. In February we had PHPUK London and, earlier this month Confoo took place in Canada.

If you missed them, there are some awesome conferences coming in the next few months. Here is a highlight of the ones we think you should consider attending:


Whisky Web – April 13-14, Edinburgh, Scotland. Surprisingly, there were no conferences announced for April until Whisky Web came along very recently, conference organizers should consider this month to avoid overlapping dates with other conferences. This is a new conference but has pretty good talks lined up. There is also a Scotch Whiskey master class which is a nice touch since we all can agree there is not enough drinking going on at these conferences.

May 2012 – May 18-19, Verona, Italy. We are sponsoring the premier italian PHP conference for 4 years in a row! And this time our own Pablo Godel will be giving a talk about Symfony2 and MongoDB. The complete lineup of talks looks amazing and we can’t wait to be there and meet all our italian customers and friends. Please come and say hi and get one of these. If you plan to attend, hurry up to get the early bird price, it ends April 1st.

Tek 2012 – May 22-25 , Chicago, USA. Shortly after Tek 2012 will take place in Chicago. We are also sponsoring Tek, which is one of the most important PHP conferences in the US. If you are on this side of the pond, don’t miss the opportunity to meet and chat with the PHP community.


Symfony Live Paris – June 6-9, Paris, France. Just recently Drupal announced that will be using some Symfony 2 components for the next Drupal 8. With this and other news, it is quite evident that Symfony is becoming more important than ever. The call for papers is still open, so consider submitting a talk or get a ticket if you just want to assist and learn all there is about this great framework and related technologies. If you can’t make it to Paris (Paris in June!), you will have another change later this year with events planned in Berlin and San Francisco.

deSymfony 2012 – June 15-16, Castellón, Spain. If you speak spanish you must be in Spain right after Symfony Live. We assisted last year and were blown away by this conference. The talks were great, the community was warm, open and fun and the food was out of this world. This year there are train fare and hotel discounts to top it off. This was one of our favorite conferences of all time and we are delighted to be sponsoring it again. Pablo Godel will be giving a talk about MongoDB. There are many more interesting talks and the all-mighty creator of Symfony, Fabien Potencier will be there as well.

Lone Star PHP – June 29-30, Dallas, USA. Texas could pretty much be a country of its own, so why not have its own PHP conference. The second edition of this conference looks very promising and we are happy to be sponsoring it.
Dutch PHP Conference 2012 – June 7-9, Amsterdam, NL. DPC has become another big event in the PHP calendar. The speakers list is impressive with names like Rasmus Lerdorf, Matthew Weier O’Phinney and Joe Stump.
As you can see, in the coming months you will have plenty of opportunities to enhance your skills, network with PHP developers, make new and meet old friends. If you have never been to a PHP conference, there’s no better chance to do it. See you in the conference trail, and don’t forget to ask for your USB stick/Bottle opener, we will be carrying a healthy supply!


It’s nice to see the PHP community alive and kicking like this!!!!!