You have asked for it and it finally happened! Since we are present in Europe at Symfony Live and deSymfony we are announcing that has launched and we are now offering services with servers in Europe. After scouring Europe for the right home for us we have decided to put them in the impressive Telecity datacenter in Dublin, Ireland. Aaron Stephens, will be heading our European operations. Make sure to say hi to him when you see him at Symfony Live this year.

Connectivity was obviously a big thing. Here is what we have:

Amsterdam 8 hops
Berlin 7 hops
Bruges 5 hops
Copenhagen 6 hops
Frankfurt 7 hops
Helsinki 8 hops
Lisbon 6 hops
Milan 3 hops
Paris 5 hops
Valencia 5 hops
Warsaw 5 hops
Zurich 11 hops

At this point we will offer our VPS and MongoDB services in Europe with shared hosting coming soon. Europe has an Awesome PHP community which strongly supported us. We wanted to thank everyone who waited so patiently for this to happen.

Giveaway bonanza:
We have a promo code “Europa” for 10% off any new VPS signup. Expires Nov. 1st 2012.

We also have a $100 off promotion for customers who want to sign up for a year. More information here.

We give $25 referral fees. So if you have friends stuck with crappy hosting this is the time to recommend us. You can get your affiliates link in the client area, or just send us a note letting us know you recommended “___________”.

How do I move my US VPS to Europe?

If you are an existing ServerGrove customer and would like to move your VPS to the EU datacenter please open a ticket with support requesting the transfer.

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