PHP Training is an integral part of our PHP community and there are a lot of folks providing great training services making the PHP community safer and stronger. ServerGrove has long supported PHP education by sponsoring PHP User Groups and PHP Conferences, but we realised we have overlooked professional trainers. That is why we are pleased to announce our PHP Education Initiative.

The PHP Education initiative will provide classroom resources by giving an individual VPS for each student free of charge for the duration for their course. This resource is available to any educator, speaker at a php user group or conference offering PHP training sessions.


– The curriculum offered must cover PHP programming.
– We can’t give out an unlimited amount of these so availability depends on available resources.
– This program is available to free or commercial training.

How do I sign up?

Signing up is easy, just send us an email with a course description, the dates for your course (start/end), location, a copy of the syllabus, a brief explanation of how the servers will be used, and the approximate number students you expect. We will add an extra VPS for the instructor.


Can I have a custom image for all my students?
We will try our best to accommodate you depending on what you need, let us know what you need and we will do our best to make it work.

I teach students to install a WordPress blog in my course, does that qualify as PHP?
The purpose of this program is to encourage educators to teach PHP programming in the classroom. We want students to learn how to program PHP, so we require more than a simple WordPress installation.

I teach a semester long course at a University, can I participate?
Depending on availability and class size we should be able to accommodate you.

Is the VPS usage restricted to class activities?
As long as the activities are within our TOS, we encourage your students to experiment with their VPS as much as they want. If they mess up they can rebuild their VPS with a click of a button.

Can I use my affiliates code?
Affiliates code require clients to sign up for at least three months so unless a student decides to stay on, the affiliates should not kick in. Then of course there are also ethical considerations, but we’ll leave those up to you.

Can students keep their VPS after the class?
They can convert it into a paying account.

Can I get a free VPS to host a webpage for our school?
Sorry, the free VPS are for training purposes only.

Where can I find out more about this?
We will put up a page on our site soon, but meanwhile, if you have questions just contact us: