ServerGrove’s CTO Pablo Godel will speak at the PFCongres conference on September 15th, being held in Utrecht, NL.

The year 2012 has been an incredible year for PHP conferences, but it is not over yet, and we still have a few more coming up before the year is over. Some great conferences are around the corner and ServerGrove will be present! Find Pablo and get some swag from him.

Sept 13-14

Symfony Live London! The conference is being held at a place called the Brewery, we can just imagine the talks getting better and better as the day progresses, and they are starting off strong as is. Normally when we write these blog posts about upcoming conferences we pick some of the talks we look forward to hearing, but this is truly an amazing lineup and we can’t make up our mind. We hope to see you at Symfony Live London, we want to meet you, especially if you are our client. Have you bought your ticket? If you are a ServerGrove customer, we may have a free pass for you (we only have a few left, so quickly open a ticket and let us know!)

Sept. 15th

PFCongres! Pablo Godel will be giving a talk on Rock Solid Deployment of PHP Apps. “Web applications are becoming increasingly more complex, so deployment is not just transferring files with FTP anymore. We will go over the different challenges and how to deploy our PHP applications effectively, safely and consistently with the latest tools and techniques.” May we add that at ServerGrove we have helped with literally thousands of deployments and Pablo Godel deploys his PHP like a pro. And don’t forget to check the rest of the talks, it looks awesome!

Sept 26-29

Symfony Live San Francisco! If you are on our side of the pond (the U.S. that is), and you do anything with PHP, you should attend this conference. As you may know, Drupal 8 will use lots of Symfony components, so attending the conference will give you a great understanding of Symfony and future versions of Drupal.  There will be training sessions, 2 days of talks and a full hacking day. If you are a ServerGrove customer contact us to get a free ticket (only one left!)

Oct 5-7

phpNW12! When people talk about the phpNW conference, you always hear awesome things. The 2012 edition will be held in Manchester, UK and promises to keep that trend going. Some of the talks we are looking forward to see are “Don’t reboot, debug” by Joshua Thijssen; “Designing systems to scale” by Michael Heap; “Building a Firehose” by Ian Barber; but the whole lineup looks very impressive.

Oct 22-25

Zendcon! This is one of the major PHP conferences in the US, so if you want to keep up with the trends and developments around the PHP ecosystem, plan to be in Santa Clara, CA at the end of October. There will be lots of talks about the new Zend Framework 2.

Nov 2-3

True North PHP This is the first year for this conference based out of Toronto, Canada. With a dedicated group of organizers True North PHP has everything to be a great event. They are still accepting speaker submissions. Selected speakers will receive: paid transportation to Toronto, a ticket for entry to True North PHP, accommodation at a hotel near the event for Thursday, Friday and Saturday, so don’t forget to submit your talks!

Nov 22-23

Symfony Live Berlin! Previously known as Symfony Day Cologne, what used to be a one-day event has grown into a two-day conference, and has moved to Berlin. The schedule has not been released yet, but we are sure it will be very interesting.

If you attend any of these conferences we look forward to seeing you there.