Right after Symfony Live London was finished, I flew over to Amsterdam to participate in my first  PFCongres. This was the 7th edition of this conference, organized by the PFZ.nl Association. It took place in the dutch city of Utrecht, about 30 minutes south of Amsterdam.

Photo credits: Daniel Kucharski from vespolina.org

I was there to give a talk about “Rock Solid Deployment of PHP Apps”, a subject that I really like, and given my position here at ServerGrove, I know quite a bit about. I think the talk went well. There was a large audience, so I want to thank everybody that attended the talk and also took the time to give feedback.

The conference had about half of the talks in Dutch and the other half in English, with several very high quality talks. You can check out the slides posted on joined.in.

The conference closed with a keynote by Chris Cornutt (editor of phpdeveloper.org) about building communities.

It was great to sponsor the event and to talk at the same time. We hope to be back next year, the date has already been set for September 14 2013!