You know those things that bug you for a long time and you say that one day you will fix it? Well it happened, we fixed it!

Here at ServerGrove we had our knowledge base. We used the default package that came with our ticketing system. It did the job, somewhat, but it was clunky, hard to update and did not index well with Google. On top of it, there is a ton of things we wanted to do that we could not because we ran a commercial software. Things like support for multiple languages, personalization, easy editing, amongst other goodies. So we took that leap of faith and build from the ground up the scaffolding for our new knowledge base and yes we are releasing it open source too.

The software was built on top of the Symfony2 CMF. Here are some features:

– Supports Markdown and HTML content entries
– Easy to skin (comes with basic Bootstrap skin)
– Content preview mode
– Search
– Multiple language support
– Built using Symfony2

While this is a fairly simple software built for managing our knowledge base, it’s flexible enough to be used for other purposes as well.

You can view our new knowledge base here.

As you know, we love feedback, let us know what you think and don’t hesitate to let us know what can be improved.