When we decided to start supporting and sponsoring conferences in the PHP community we did it because we thought it was the right thing to do. We had an allocated marketing budget and we wanted to do something meaningful with it, not just promote our services and brand, it was our way to say thank you, to contribute back, in the end, without the PHP community ServerGrove would not be what it is today.

Without noticing it, we became part of this incredible PHP Community. It still amazes us when we go to a conference and our logo is right there with all the sponsors supporting the event, making it happen. Or when our name gets mentioned during a talk or a Symfony Jeopardy.

It is very humbling when we introduce ourselves and people recognize our name, or when we meet a customer, and they thank us endlessly for our service and support, for something we put so much pride and effort into.

We have made great and lasting friendships, and it has been very rewarding to meet so many talented people willing to share their knowledge, experience so selfish-less.

But here is something that has been very unexpected. A few weeks ago, we created a Github repository to host the translation files of our Control Panel, so if someone wanted to contribute a correction they could simply do it without much effort. What happened afterwards blew our minds.

Just hours after we placed the files online, Pascal Borreli started sending us typo corrections for English, French and even languages he did not speak.

A few days later, Joshua Thijssen checked with us if we were working on Dutch translations, and even asked  his peers to contribute.

This week, we got the PR with the Dutch translations contribution and we pushed it live!

We could not be more happy and proud to be part of such an amazing group of people and we are immensely thankful!

So, if you are still wondering what you can get from attending conferences, or contributing to that framework, or project you use every day, please take a moment, and think what you can do, which conference you can attend. Invest in your future and help make this a better world. And without noticing, you will be part of the PHP Community. You will be in very good company!

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