We are happy to announce that Raul Fraile is joining the ranks of the ServerGrove team! He hails from Alicante, Spain and will work with web development team to bring incredible new features to our control panel that will let you do more… and us do less.


Raul is a PHP ace, certified Symfony2 busybody, PHP 5.3 Certified Zend Engineer, animé addict (non certified), and Big Bang Theory connoisseur. His life philosophy has been molded by quality TV shows like The Simpsons, Family Guy and South Park (he will fit right in). He eats technical books for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. He is always an amazing speaker PHP conferences so we are very excited to have him represent us.

And why would such a great guy want to join us? He said: “I am really excited to be part of a company so involved with the PHP community. I think ServerGrove is one of the leaders who has been helping making PHP so great in recent years”. A-hum…. we are humbled.

Even doing all of the above, he still finds time for long walks with his wife.