If you end up writing better code or learning something new because of us, we are doing something right. This is why we are super excited to announce our latest partnership with KnpUniversity offering the full “Starting in Symfony 2.1″ screencasts to our clients (new or existing).

If you are not yet our client and want to learn Symfony, this is a great opportunity to sign up. When you sign up you will get access to the following tutorials at KnpUniversity:

– Getting Started in Symfony2 (2.1)
– Starting in Symfony2 – Episode 2 (2.1)
– Starting in Symfony2 – Episode 3 (2.1)
– Starting in Symfony2 – Episode 4 (2.1)
& also check out “The Wonderful World of Composer Tutorial” and other PHP screencasts

If you are already a client and want to enhance you knowledge with these screencasts, just open a ticket.

This promotion will run for a limited time.