Last month we added the filemanager to our VPS control panel, this will be an integral part of our new shared hosting control panel that we are building. The file manager offers a quick and easy way to interact with your server files using the control panel web gui. After launching it, it quickly became one of the most used features in the control panel and, as these things go, users began asking for more. @raulfraile who fathered this project has been busy updating it. Here are some cool features to look forward to in the next release:

Git integration

We have began integrating Git functionality so you will have a quick and easy way to manage your Git projects. The first Git function we are rolling out is clone.


The target input field defaults to the directory you are in, but you can edit manually


Dropbox integration


No screenshots to show yet, but we will allow you to sync a directory on your server with a Dropbox directory offering a simple method of synchronizing your localhost files with the server.

Git clone should be launched in a couple of weeks as soon as it passes through QA and security. We are looking forward to more suggestions, keep them coming!