It’s been long awaited but finally the stable version of PHP 5.5 has been released and is available on ServerGrove VPS images.

PHP 5.5 came out with a slew of new feature, improvements, fixes and more. Check out the release announcement to see them.

Why upgrade? Better memory usage, more speed and shiny new features.

New customers can select PHP 5.5 when they order their VPS, existing customers can upgrade by following these simple steps:

For CentOS:

$ yum remove php54
$ yum install php55 php55-mod_php

For Ubuntu:

$ apt-get update
$ apt-get remove php54
$ apt-get install php55 php55-mod-php php55-apc

Due to our custom packages, it is possible to have PHP 5.4 and 5.5 installed simultaneously. However, you will not be able to have both versions installed in Apache so you will need to remove php54-mod_php.

Please note, this will only work if you are already using our packages. If your PHP setup was installed from source, it may not work. Feel free to open a support ticket to request assistance.

IMPORTANT: There have been some changes that may affect backwards compatibility, so make sure you read the migration guide and test your site/application with the new version before upgrading your server. Fortunately, downgrading back to PHP 5.4 is easy if needed.

What about PHP 5.5 on shared hosting?

We won’t be upgrading our current shared hosting servers right now. We will have news for you soon.