Zend released the new version of Zend Server, which includes a lot of great features, the most important one in our opinion is the support for PHP 5.5.

Additionally, they announced their official Long-Term Support (LTS) policy for PHP, enabling users to confidently continue using a given major version of PHP.

We have integrated Zend Server into our control panel making it easy to access and monitor. The Zend Server is only visible in the Applications section of Servers running the Zend Server image or if you installed Zend Server manually.

Order your VPS with the Zend Server pre-installed and get your app up and running in minutes!

What’s new for Zend Server 6.3:

– Expanded version support: Zend Server will now support PHP 5.5, and will be certified to run on Ubuntu 13.10 using Apache 2.4.

– New options for Windows PHP developers coding for the IBM i platform: the XML Toolkit that allows IBM i resources to be leveraged by PHP apps will now be easily deployable on Window-based Zend Server development systems.

– Faster getting up to speed with popular PHP packaged applications: Zend Server comes with sample applications ready for deployment, including Drupal, Magento, WordPress and others.

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