We have provisioned new Shared Hosting servers with support for PHP 5.5 and 5.4. You are able to select different versions of PHP for each domain. If you are looking for speed and all the latest features, 5.5 is the one.  You can take a look at the phpinfo for our PHP 5.5 installation here.

We have noticed big improvements in performance compared to our previous servers, so we are really excited about it, order your shared hosting account now!

We are also offering Shared Hosting in our European datacenter.

It’s important to note that PHP 5.3 reached the end of life, so no more updates will be available anymore. We don’t have plans to force an upgrade to customers currently on servers with PHP 5.3.

If you are currently a Shared Hosting customer and would like to migrate your account to one of the new servers, please open a support ticket so we can coordinate the migration.