A few days ago, SensioLabs presented the third edition of the Symfony Community & Business Awards, which will be announced during the SymfonyCon Paris 2015. We are really happy to hold one of them, as back in 2013, our Control Panel won the “Best B2B Application” award.

For this year’s edition we are not participating as a company. Our Symfony-based Control Panel is pretty stable so we are working hard on other aspects such as infrastructure, security and monitoring. But I would like to ask you, not as ServerGrove but as Raul Fraile (the person behind most ServerGrove’s blog posts) your vote in the “2015 Best Blogger” category. I am glad that ServerGrove encourages me to write technical posts in the blog, and as a Symfony developer, I always try to give back to the community. This year I continued the Symfony components overview series, which explain how to use the Symfony components standalone and dives into their internals, and wrote a few more PHP and Symfony related posts. Here you have the full list of posts of the series as well as all the posts published in 2015:

Symfony components overview series:

Other PHP or Symfony related posts published this year:

If you like my posts and want to encourage me to write more in 2016, please vote for “raulfraile” in the “2015 Best Blogger” category in the Symfony Community Awards page :)

Thank you!