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Setup guide for installing a symfony 1.x project to ServerGrove shared hosting accounts

One of the things we spend lots of time on, is trying to make application deployment as simple as possible so developers can focus on development. We are developers as well, so when we finish a project, we want to upload it, test it and start on the next project. Keep it simple, move on. […]

June 22 / 2009
Author Pablo
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Running Zend Server on Mac OS X

Zend Technologies recently released a community edition of Zend Server, which provides a full stack of technologies that allows developers to have a LAMP installation ready in a matter of minutes. This is especially significant for developers working on Mac OS X, where Apache and PHP have historically been difficult to install despite the options […]

June 10 / 2009
Author Pablo
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Reset (or recover) the Mysql root password

It is not possible to recover a lost Mysql password since they are encrypted. But it can always be changed or reset. To change the root Mysql password, follow these steps (they are primarily listed to use in our VPS servers but they may be used in others as well): 1) Stop mysql by executing […]

January 14 / 2009
Author Pablo
Category MySQL, Tutorials, VPS
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