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Running Composer with HHVM, not so fast!

HHVM is an open-source virtual machine developed by Facebook and designed for executing programs written in Hack and PHP. It offers increased performance for PHP, most of the time. You can already use HHVM in ServerGrove servers by using our packages. We have read numerous blog posts and articles suggesting to use HHVM when running […]

April 17 / 2014
Author Pablo
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Symfony2 components overview: Process

This post covers the Symfony2 process component and is the 11th post from our series on Symfony2 components. The Symfony2 Process component, allows us to execute commands in sub-processes. Installation The recommended way of installing the component is through Composer: If you have never used Composer before check out our Composer 101 post. The component […]

April 16 / 2014

How GZIP Compression Works

Even in today’s world, with fast networks and almost unlimited storage, data compression is still relevant, especially for mobile devices and countries with poor Internet connections. This post covers the de-facto lossless compression method for compressing text data in websites: GZIP. GZIP compression GZIP provides a lossless compression, that is, we can recover the original […]

April 14 / 2014
Author Raul Fraile
Category PHP, Shared Hosting, VPS
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Symfony2 components overview: ExpressionLanguage

This is the 10th post in our series on Symfony2 components and we will cover the latest component added to Symfony: the ExpressionLanguage component. This component was added in version 2.4 and  provides a way to have dynamic aspects in static configurations. For example, it can be used to evaluate expressions in configuration files, create a DSL ,or build a business rules […]

HHVM & Hack available at ServerGrove

It is well known that Facebook is currently the largest site built using PHP, but not everyone knows that they have created their own new language called Hack. It’s based on PHP and contains several new features and improvements. You can start learning about Hack with their online tutorial. To run Hack they created a […]

April 03 / 2014
Author Pablo
Category PHP, VPS
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