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Symfony2 components overview: Validator

In the first five posts of this series we have been talking about key components for any PHP framework from the point of view of their internals, such as HttpFoundation to abstract the HTTP protocol, HttpKernel to convert a Request into a Response, Routing to map requests to controllers, EventDispatcher to add reusability and extensibility, […]

March 03 / 2014

Symfony2 components overview: Config

After a few weeks, we continue with the Symfony2 components series. This time we are going to be talking about the Config component, which helps you to load and validate configuration values, regardless of their source. Let’s imagine we want to create a blog generator system, which will take a few configuration parameters such as […]

February 21 / 2014

Summary of SunshinePHP 2014

Last weekend took place the second edition of SunshinePHP and was fantastic, we could not have hoped for a better PHP conference, and we did not even have to travel. For those of you that don’t know, SunshinePHP is hosted by the South Florida PHP User Group, our home base. The event was organised by […]

February 14 / 2014
Author Kim
Category PHP
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Zend Server 6.3 with PHP 5.5 available at ServerGrove

Zend released the new version of Zend Server, which includes a lot of great features, the most important one in our opinion is the support for PHP 5.5. Additionally, they announced their official Long-Term Support (LTS) policy for PHP, enabling users to confidently continue using a given major version of PHP. We have integrated Zend […]

February 11 / 2014
Author Alex
Category PHP, VPS
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PHPBenelux 2014 review

ServerGrove was present at the 2014 edition of PHPBenelux Conference. Not only we sponsored it, but we also had two members of our team attending. Aaron and myself traveled to Antwerp, Belgium for the 5th edition of one the best events of the PHP conference season. And for this 5th edition, the organizers went all […]

January 27 / 2014
Author Pablo
Category Conferences, PHP
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