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Talking about HTTP

I spoke at our local PUG about HTTP for the November meet up. The overall goal of the talk was to give an overview of the HTTP protocol to the group and layout some ideas of how developers can leverage it for better application development. It was a fun night with lots of questions and interactions. […]

December 16 / 2013
Author Adrian Cardenas
Category PHP
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Call us award winning

Like many developers and designers who work years on a product, we end up only seeing what can be made better, that’s what keeps us going, we need to make it “perfect”, but once in a while it’s nice to be able to look at it with fresh eyes. Everyone here at ServerGrove was humbled and […]

December 13 / 2013
Author Kim
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Symfony2 components overview: EventDispatcher

This week, in the Symfony2 components overview series, it’s time to talk about another really important component: the EventDispatcher. The EventDispatcher component For many years, in the PHP world we were used to code following a linear flow, where instructions were executed one after another, jumping to functions or methods. Events change the way we […]

October 23 / 2013
Author Raul Fraile
Category PHP, Symfony
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Symfony2 components overview: Routing

This is the third post of the Symfony2 components series, and this time we are going to cover the Routing component, which maps an HTTP request to a set of configuration variables, which can then be used to execute code using PHP callables. The component simplifies the task of defining friendly URLs, without having to worry about […]

October 08 / 2013
Author Raul Fraile
Category PHP, Symfony
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Symfony2 components overview: HttpKernel

In the second post of the Symfony2 components series we are going to talk about the HttpKernel component. If the HttpFoundation component provided the building blocks of the HTTP protocol, the HttpKernel component makes use of them to define an abstract process for converting a Request into a Response. HttpKernelInterface The HttpKernelInterface is a brilliant idea, […]

September 30 / 2013
Author Raul Fraile
Category PHP, Symfony
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