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New Operating Systems available for VPS

Today we finished updating our selection of operating system images available for VPS. Now you can choose the following OSes: Ubuntu 12.04 CentOS 6.3 Debian 6.0 There are also some cool features for PHP customers: New images with PHP 5.4.x so you can just pick this version before the VPS is built. Composer (composer.phar) is […]

August 02 / 2012
Author Pablo
Category PHP, ServerGrove, VPS
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Welcome ServerGroveLocaleBundle

Internationalization is becoming a common feature for websites. As you may know, we have been adding new languages both on our website and in our VPS control panel. We sell our services to a global market, so our website needs to be welcoming to everybody. That’s why we wanted to display flags that are appropriate for each […]

July 27 / 2012
Author Kim
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Ciao Italia!

Later this week the 2012 edition of the phpDay conference will take place in Verona, Italy. We have been supporting this conference since the first one (we think), and thanks to this we have made a lot of friends from this part of the world. We are extremely excited about this year and we are […]

May 14 / 2012

Control Panel V2 launched with MongoHosting and lots more

We just launched a major upgrade to the control panel with a ton of new features. In many ways we feel our control panel grew up. Here are some of the new features you can expect to use: 0) Lets start with the elephant in the room. MongoHosting Beta has launched! For now it’s available […]

May 14 / 2012

Io parlo italiano! Our Control Panel speaks Italian!

It’s hard not to love the Italians, even their support messages are polite, friendly and often funny. They also have well organized PHP community which is growing every year thanks to several dedicated volunteers, who apart from, also organize several very cool side projects like Webforall. We wanted to let you know that our […]

March 16 / 2012
Author Pablo
Category ServerGrove, VPS
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