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How GZIP Compression Works

Even in today’s world, with fast networks and almost unlimited storage, data compression is still relevant, especially for mobile devices and countries with poor Internet connections. This post covers the de-facto lossless compression method for compressing text data in websites: GZIP. GZIP compression GZIP provides a lossless compression, that is, we can recover the original […]

April 14 / 2014
Author Raul Fraile
Category PHP, Shared Hosting, VPS
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Webmail GUI upgraded

We just upgraded our webmail GUI and it’s looking pretty awesome. The folks at Roundcube have done an amazing job with this latest upgrade (of course we also customized it ;). Here is a complete list of released features: Available in over 70 languages Drag-&-drop message management Full support for MIME and HTML messages Sophisticated privacy protection […]

December 12 / 2012
Author Kim
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Spooling emails with Symfony2 on VPS and Shared Hosting

Sending emails is a very common task in web applications. Signup forms, contact forms, newsletters are among the most used features, but the email send task itself can be a little slow to the eyes of the user. Symfony2 provides us with the tools to send the emails to a buffer, and sending them when […]

April 27 / 2012

How to configure your Symfony 2 project with Maestro

We have recently upgraded Maestro to work with the latest Symfony2 pre-releases. Maestro is a tool ServerGrove built to help the deployment of  symfony projects on shared hosting accounts. In a few simple steps you will have your project up and running. Maestro will only work on ServerGrove shared hosting accounts, so if you are not […]

May 10 / 2011
Author Kim
Category PHP, Shared Hosting
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Symfony2 support added to Maestro

The stable release of Symfony2 is just around the corner and we feel releases have stabilized enough to support it in “Maestro”, our Symfony application deployment tool. Now you can use Maestro to easily install Symfony2 apps in our shared hosting servers! Maestro is included with our service so if you are an existing customer, […]

April 14 / 2011
Author Pablo
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