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SSH strange error: Host key verification failed

Today we came across a quite uncommon error with SSH. The error actually happened when trying to clone a github repository. When trying to connect to the remote server, we were getting “Host key verification failed.”. The SSH keys were there, but the connection was dying. The problem was solved when adding the remote server’s […]

August 02 / 2010
Author Pablo
Category Shared Hosting
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PHP 5.3 on shared hosting

We are pleased to announce that we are now offering PHP 5.3 for shared hosting as well the 5.2 version. We have been supporting 5.3 on our VPS accounts and it has proven to be reliable and stable so now when you sign up for shared hosting you can pick which version of PHP you […]

May 13 / 2010
Author Kim
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Installing Apostrophe CMS on shared hosting

Here is a quick guide to get Apostrophe CMS, up and running on our Shared hosting servers. We are going to assume that you either have Apostrophe running on your local development environment, or that you will install the sandbox version that you can download from the site. Installing the Apostrophe Sandbox First of all, […]

March 24 / 2010