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Symfony2 components overview: Stopwatch

It’s been a long wait, but we are back again with the Symfony2 components series. In the 12th post of the series, we cover the Stopwatch component. Even though is one of the smallest ones, that does not mean is not important, as plays a crucial role when we want to profile our code. Installation […]

March 16 / 2015

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deSymfonyDay Spain 2014 wrap-up

The annual Symfony conference in Spain took place last weekend. This time the conference had completely different format: one day, one track, shorter talks (30-40 min) and an unconference. There was also a limit on the number of attendees, 150, to promote a sociable networking experience. The conference was awesome. The event was held at the Casa Convalescència in Barcelona, a […]

June 03 / 2014
Author Raul
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DrupalCamp Spain 2014 wrap-up

Last weekend I attended DrupalCamp Spain at the beautiful Centro Cultural Bancaja, in Valencia, Spain. Three whole days of Drupal. This was my first Drupal conference, and… wow! The Drupal community is huge and full of passionate developers eager to learn. ServerGrove was one of the bronze sponsors and consolidates its support for the Drupal community. I was there […]

May 19 / 2014

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Symfony2 components overview: Process

This post covers the Symfony2 process component and is the 11th post from our series on Symfony2 components. The Symfony2 Process component, allows us to execute commands in sub-processes. Installation The recommended way of installing the component is through Composer: If you have never used Composer before check out our Composer 101 post. The component […]

April 16 / 2014
Author Raul
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Symfony2 components overview: ExpressionLanguage

This is the 10th post in our series on Symfony2 components and we will cover the latest component added to Symfony: the ExpressionLanguage component. This component was added in version 2.4 and  provides a way to have dynamic aspects in static configurations. For example, it can be used to evaluate expressions in configuration files, create a DSL ,or build a business rules […]

April 07 / 2014

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