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Symfony2 components overview: HttpKernel

In the second post of the Symfony2 components series we are going to talk about the HttpKernel component. If the HttpFoundation component provided the building blocks of the HTTP protocol, the HttpKernel component makes use of them to define an abstract process for converting a Request into a Response. HttpKernelInterface The HttpKernelInterface is a brilliant idea, […]

September 30 / 2013
Author Raul Fraile
Category PHP, Symfony
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Symfony2 components overview: HttpFoundation

This is the first post of a series on Symfony2 standalone components. In the series  we’ll review some of the most important components which provide the basic functionality used to implement websites, such as routing, security, and forms. Symfony2 changed the way PHP frameworks were architected allowing the developer to pick and choose which components to […]

September 23 / 2013

MidwestPHP, a warm conference!

Last weekend, Pablo Godel and I flew to the beautiful -and not as cold as I expected- state of Minnesota to attend the first edition of the MidwestPHP Conference. Once again, ServerGrove was highly involved in the PHP community, being one of the sponsors and sending two talks: “Symfony2 and MongoDB” and “Symfony2 Internals”. We […]

March 07 / 2013

The ServerGrove + KnpUniversity = #win #promo

If you end up writing better code or learning something new because of us, we are doing something right. This is why we are super excited to announce our latest partnership with KnpUniversity offering the full “Starting in Symfony 2.1″ screencasts to our clients (new or existing). If you are not yet our client and […]

January 23 / 2013

Add auto-complete support to your Symfony commands with the new ServerGroveShellAliasBundle

We just released a new bundle for Symfony2 apps called ServerGroveShellAliasBundle which creates a list of shell aliases for all the commands registered in the Symfony2 application. The list of aliases can then be added to your shell profile configuration (/etc/bash_profile or ~/.profile). This allows you to have auto-complete support on your Symfony commands. Start […]

November 07 / 2012
Author Pablo
Category Bundles, Symfony
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