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Configuring your Apache web server for HTML5 video formats

HTML5 is a new set of standards that allows you to embed videos that are viewable across multiple platforms and devices. If this is your first time embedding video on your webpage using HTML5, you will notice that the <video> tag now supports multiple video formats. HTML5 video uses the MP4, WebM and Ogg formats. […]

April 18 / 2012
Author Kim
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Important DoS vulnerability announced for Apache web server

An Apache HTTPD security advisory has been announced on the Apache mailing list. The vulnerability allows a remote attacker to slow down or even take down the server where Apache runs, by increasing memory and CPU usage. There is no patch available for Apache yet, but there is a number of mitigation actions that can be […]

August 25 / 2011
Author Pablo
Category VPS
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How to setup multiple PHP versions on Apache

There are several reasons you might need to run multiple versions of PHP on the same server. Maybe you have a PHP 5.2 application running on your server and you need to start working on another application based on a new framework like Symfony2 or Lithium? Perhaps you haver a client with a legacy site […]

August 22 / 2011
Author Kim
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Developer productivity tip: VirtualDocumentRoot

By Pablo Godel If you run a local Apache web server, you are probably familiar with the directive VirtualHost. It allows you to run multiple independent websites on the same machine. I use it all the time to develop my web apps and create fake hostnames, like example.local or site.local which allow me to access […]

July 14 / 2011
Author Pablo
Category PHP, Symfony, Tutorials
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Fixing problems in Apache with case-sensitive URLs

Windows or Mac servers treat file names as case-insensitive, so Index.html and index.html are the same file. In Linux/Unix servers this is not the case, these files would be different. So when we create a link that does not match the case of the file name, you get an error. This is a common problem […]

August 24 / 2010