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Add auto-complete support to your Symfony commands with the new ServerGroveShellAliasBundle

We just released a new bundle for Symfony2 apps called ServerGroveShellAliasBundle which creates a list of shell aliases for all the commands registered in the Symfony2 application. The list of aliases can then be added to your shell profile configuration (/etc/bash_profile or ~/.profile). This allows you to have auto-complete support on your Symfony commands. Start […]

November 07 / 2012
Author Pablo
Category Bundles, Symfony
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Interesting Symfony Bundles: StatsDClientBundle

Welcome to our renewed series “Interesting Symfony Bundles“. In the past we had a series of posts in our blog about symfony 1.x plugins that we found useful and interesting. Symfony 2 has been around for quite some time. Instead of plugins, Symfony2 is extended using bundles, There are well over 1600 public bundles at […]

October 09 / 2012
Author Pablo
Category Bundles, PHP, Symfony
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