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Error “Cannot find module ‘less'” with Symfony2, Assetic and Twitter Bootstrap

We have been using Twitter Bootstrap CSS and Javascript library for some projects and it requires the use of LESS. For those of you not familiar with LESS, LESS extends CSS with dynamic behavior such as variables, mixins, operations and functions. When you run LESS on the server-side it will integrate nicely with Symfony2 thanks […]

March 16 / 2012
Author Pablo
Category Symfony
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Simplifying CSS sprites with the sgLESSPlugin

Using CSS sprites is a great way to speed up your web pages and web applications. The concept is simple: bundle up all your icons into one image and use the background-position property to display the correct icon. By doing this you avoid having to download multiple image files and minimize your HTTP requests. Using […]

December 03 / 2009
Author Kim
Category Design, Symfony
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CSS symfony plugin with LESS

OK, so we were about to reinvent the wheel when Antoine Abt suggested we take a look at lessphp, a very cool project by Leaf Corcoran starting to port LESS into PHP. We bit the bait and it paid off. Leaf was super-cool about us including the lib into the symfony plugin and we released […]

July 30 / 2009
Author Kim
Category PHP, Symfony
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