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Setting up a Symfony2 project using Mamp

This might be the easiest way to setup a Symfony dev environment. Say what you want of Mamp but it makes it dead easy to setup and manage your localhost server. Mamp is an excellent development environment especially if you are a newbie just starting off, and is definitely the simplest way to setup a […]

June 01 / 2012
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Fixing problems in Apache with case-sensitive URLs

Windows or Mac servers treat file names as case-insensitive, so Index.html and index.html are the same file. In Linux/Unix servers this is not the case, these files would be different. So when we create a link that does not match the case of the file name, you get an error. This is a common problem […]

August 24 / 2010

Introducing the symfony web development environment installer

When Symfony 1.3 & 1.4 were released, little attention was given to a new feature that had tremendous potential: the installer. By adding –installer=installFile.php is possible to execute custom PHP code when creating a new symfony project. So when I came across this I had an idea that could save us all some time. Every […]

December 17 / 2009